FCPX & AS-11

As of December 2014, Final Cut Pro X and the accompanying free ProVideoFormats, comes the very welcome news that most common MXF formats are now natively supported for import, edit and share, completely free of charge.

If ever there was a subtle message to the broadcast community that Apple are very serious about this sector, then this is it.

Please find on this page for download, a workflow document for creating an AS-11 file in FCPX and some Compressor presets to help streamline that process.

pdficon_large FCPX & AS-11
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Compressor AS-11 Presets
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pdficon_large FCPXInASharedEnvironment_FINAL.pdf
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With the release of Final Cut Pro X Version 10.1, with its new production-focussed Library structures, the options for collaborative workflow just expanded to an almost infinite range of possibilities.

This document aims to give you the knowledge you need, to get started with sharing media and workflow with Final Cut Pro X.

Once understood, the simple underlying principles are easy to apply to your own set-up whether you are two users collaborating on a short film or an enterprise level organisation with ongoing share.

This visually-led document outlines a number of suggested solutions to common Final Cut Pro X scenarios, starting with standalone single-users through to large enterprise-level set-ups.

The scenarios contained in this document are based on experience from our own client set-ups, using workflows derived from real situations. The examples are theoretical as we cannot divulge actual client or potential client confidentiality.

The intention is that this knowledge will be adapted to specific needs and purposes.

  • Use this paper as a primer for shared-workflow in Final Cut Pro X and as a departure point for your own workflow.
  • Use it to help evaluate your software/ hardware needs with integrators/ IT departments/ post production supervisors/ managers.
  • DO NOT expect to find an absolute solution here. There are simply too many variables for this.
  • ALWAYS run your own tests using your own hardware or contact us to discuss things further.

This is not a transition guide from earlier versions of Final Cut Pro X, . For advice on upgrading Final Cut Pro X to v10.1 please read the Apple White Paper Managing Media with Final Cut Pro X Libraries. For details of the changes to the software refer to the Apple release notes and the user manual.


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